This week after getting used to Android and the HTC Aria, rooting the device and being more comfortable with it, I decided to live in two worlds. *Update at this time the HTC Aria has been returned to AT&T and the Samsung Captivate was put in it’s place*. I started dividing up the work load so to speak. I would a couple of my business email on the Android phone and started using it to do things like be my primary music and video players during my commute to and from work.

Actually I starting doing all of my social media stuff from the Captivate. Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter was now being done on the Captivate as well as some emailing. I already was using the Captivate for the G Style telephone line since it is with Google voice, that just made sense. When it came to the media stuff, I copied a lot of the music I had on my Blackberry to the Captivate. As far as the videos I copied some from the Blackberry and I encoded a couple specifically for the Captivate.

Watching movies on this thing is a dream. I had a video file for a movie called The Convent, I re encoded for the Captivate’s resolution and it look very decent. Then I ripped Avatar straight from the DVD, man this looked soooo good! I would swear I was watching Blu Ray on this Samsung device. That Super AMOLED screen is serious! I can’t wait to convert my movies to watch on the Captivate.

Then were was all the social media stuff. I actually like checking in via the Android app better than I do on the Blackberry. Both are good apps, but on Android it just looks prettier. I also like the live wallpapers feature. I was using the one that you see a lot with the Nexus One, but now that I have rooted and enabled side loading, I installed a variation of the DROID X eye on there in blue. I love it! I’m really feeling Android 2.1 and this Samsung Captivate is a great piece of hardware to showcase Android and watching movies o a phone for that matter!

Next week will be the final week, I will actually turn off my Blackberry and exclusively use Android for an entire week with no Blackberry distractions! Which team do you think I will be, place your bets!