If you have been reading around the web this week, it really looks like Android has become the saving grace for a couple of companies include Sprint & Motorola.

For Sprint the HTC EVO has help it for the first time stop bleeding more subscribers and gain new subscribers. If you follow our column we have in Laptopmag.com, you can see I call this before any report came out. I called it that the HTC EVO would be the true savior of Sprint unlike the Palm Pre. Looks like this may be coming true. While Sprint definitely still has a lot of work cut out for itself ahead, this is definitely a step in the right direction!

Then you have Motorola. What a turn they have made for themselves in recent days compared to before. At Motorola there was spin offs, attempts to sell their mobile division, and all kinds of trouble over there. Now like Sprint they definitely still have their work cut out for them, but wow at their comeback campaign.

First with the original DROID whose only challenger at the time was the mighty Nexus One, to a multitude of Android devices now. They definitely got the public’s eye back with the DROID, and now their flagship the DROID X is heating up the scene. And it isn’t even over yet, with stories of the DROID 2 coming, Motorola is definitely grabbing mindshare again!

Both companies beaten, weaken, and slowly dying, have been given a lifeline in the form of Google’s Android. Where they go from there is up to them, but if their business turns around, this was the moment it happened!

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