The design is dazzling and its most definitely a eye catcher. The splash of yellow over the black background is sure to please. It does look like some ancient tribal artifact symbols hence the name “Tribal” by CockyCulture. Everything looks like it was made from the ground up. The icons for the apps look impressive as you haven’t seen them anywhere else before.

On the homescreen you have six customizable slots of your choosing. They seem to blend in so well too with the design. If you scroll above you have a hidden profile slot. Notifications, time, and meters to your left side. Also this theme is wallpaper friendly so you can have fun with that too. The Apps screen looks good as i touched before as the icons are all created just for the purpose of this theme.

“Tribal” is something you haven’t seen before and may not see anything. It is a different direction and breathes some nice bright colorful life into your blackberry. It also runs smooth and haven’t noticed any lag or slowdown thus using this far. One of my fave from CockyCulture.

Tribal is available for 8350, 8500, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600, and 9700 series for $4.99. You can pick this up from