Ok here at G Style we like to cover good looks as well as good functionality. Now we have never done this before but I’m going to go ahead and take that first step into the computer world for you guys. Everyone these days has a computer, laptop, or a netbook. Take a peek at your computer. Where is it from? Dell? HP? Well statistics still show that the Dell is still the highest seller in the computer market.

Today we are taking a look at a computer case. Why? Well because it fits in with the “good looks” category and comes with many features. When its time to change computers many of us just look through Dell and order one from there. But what about those people who like to build their own computer? Well being a one of “those people” I have stumbled upon this computer case and would like to share it with all of you! Even though this case has been out for quite a while now and if you keep up with the build your own computer crowd, you probably already know this case. Lets just do a run through for the others then shall we?

This case is built with a steel structure, has a matte black coating both inside out, and is finished with a brushed aluminum faceplate for a “professional look that’s both serious and awe-inspiring”. There is also a side window for onlookers to gaze in jealousy.

Features include
* Four easily accessed hot-swap drive bays
* Removable CPU backplate panel for easy heatsink installation
* Isolated cooling zones prevent heat buildup
* Unique cable routing holes guarantee a clean and clutter-free installation
* Three 140mm fans included, with the ability to add four more 120mm fans
* Tool-free optical drive installation makes building a system faster than ever
* Two year warranty with Corsair’s world-class customer service and technical support

Keep in mind that this is a full tower case so it will seem gigantic compared to your normal mid tower case. This case will set you back around $270 but lets be honest here, if you’re in the DIY crowd, how often would you really change your case?