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SwiftKey for Android Phones

Ok so many of you obviously have heard of Swype and how great typing on that is. Well today I want to show you guys Swift Key. Now this is probably the greatest keyboard I have ever used on a mobile device. I haven’t tried Swype yet so I can’t give you a direct head to head comparison, however I think Jason may have used Swype and we’ll see if he can comment on it.

As for Swift Key, this keyboard sure knows what I’m typing. In the video you can see I’m not that familiar with it yet because i did in fact just install it while I was doing to video. It is really easy to set up and really takes the pain out of typing on small buttons. It is in beta at the moment but once they finish testing, I would be happy to pay for something like this.

Fun Fact: If you start typing and click through the middle choice boxes it will automatically write out, “I am a beautiful person.”

If you are interested in trying out this keyboard for yourself, head over to the market place on search for Swift Key on Android devices. Otherwise try heading to their site www.swiftkey.net and see if it works for other phones from there.


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