BlackBerry OS6 Coming Soon!

Ok so we all are familiar with Blackberry and just recently they announced their new OS6! Now I haven’t been in the Blackberry circle in a few years now so lets see what new shall we?

-Universal search
-Enhanced media features
-Social feeds
-Visual, fluid interface
-Social feeds
-BBM (Black Berry Messenger)
-Simultaneous postings
-Richer web browsing
-Pinching and zooming

Well it was a fancy trailer with catchy music but I’ve come to ask myself this. Hasn’t all of this been done already? I mean check out the iPhone or even Android devices. Looks like its about time Blackberry caught up with the rest of the group. Now as you see in the trailer it obviously looks like its being controlled via touch. Last question remaining would be: What happens to the trackball/trackpad?