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“defined pro” by Shankeith

I tend to use his themes a lot as sometimes you just want the basic look of your blackberry. But sometimes don’t you wish it did just a little bit more? That’s usually where Shankeith’s themes come into play. I always like them as they seem to use a lot of power of your Blackberry and functionality is great.

On the surface there are 10 customizable icons at your leisure. Whats great is it has a hidden dock so if just want to display the beauty of the wallpaper of your choosing go right ahead. Under that is three tabs for Messages,Calendar and Profile. Scroll a little more to the right and you also have Connections and Options. If you hold your Alt button and press “$” you have a nice sms/mms shortcut. This theme also has Calendar Display showing the next 8 appointments you have set up. You have the option to pick themes w/ or w/o this function which is good.

I always like transition screens and this theme carries that as well, a earlier review i did they seem to be one of the 1st using transition screens then. Also if you don’t like transitions, you can get one without it. The app screen also looks like your normal screen, besides the touch of blue rather then the solid black.

Overall I always like the themes presented by Shankeith as times I don’t want the complex icons,m enus or look and I just want something simple to use and run smooth on my Blackberry.

“defined pro” is available now for the Blackberry 8900, 9000, 9630,9 700 with different options for $2.00.
Free trials are also available for use and you can get them at www.shankeith.com

Jason Millionhttp://www.jmillionnyc.com
Jason Million is Deputy Editor In Chief. Jason currently uses a OnePlus 8 Pro with T-Mobile among other gadgets. Hailing from the streets of NYC, always trying to have a blast or catch a bite to eat. Enjoying technology to the fullest. Any other questions hit him up.


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