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Janelle Monáe – Tightrope (Wondamix) feat. B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco [Video]

Janelle Monáe is by far the hottest artist on Bad Boy right now(in my opinion of course). I liked the original video and version of Tightrope feat Big Boi, which can be found on her latest album The ArchAndroid released earlier this year.

I never would have thought of putting her on a track with Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B, but she definitely holds her own and shows she is a musician in general not an artist boxed in one particular genre.

The video was done in black in white but was very visual. It was very fitting to the song and they meshed together like they’ve been performing together for years.

This version is available on iTunes as a single for $1.29, a worthwhile purchase. Thoughts ?

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