When I 1st received this theme I was thinking “oh boy another HTC theme clone”. But when it came time to use it runs better then a lot of other HTC Android based themes I have used and gives you a good feel of how Sense UI is. The design is sharp from the top to the bottom. I’d also say its a wallpaper friendly theme.

The homescreen is compromised of three windows. U have 12(4 1st page, 8 2nd page) custom icons of your choosing(believe the Storm has more), and to the left three dedicated spots for Messages, Calendar, and SMS/MMS aka Today Previews. The bottom always has the Sound Profiles, Phone, Manage Connections tab. Navigating from everything is fluid with no slowdown. Only gripe i do have is you can only access the bottom tab on the main screen, I wish i could navigate on any of them.

The application screen isn’t anything too fancy. I will say it doesn’t seem to show the notifications I receive. I see them mostly on the homescreen, but it will show the status of my signal aka Edge, 3G, UMA, where my home doesn’t. The icons look just like the Sense ones which is a plus and 3rd party apps fit in just fine.

I will say that Sense is a very well put together theme. Have no issues @ all with it. I may need to test the battery life with it tho. I think i been noticing some battery drain with it or maybe i been using it more lately. It also features one of my favorite HDD tools DFK aka Double Function Keyboard.

Sense is available now for the Blackberry 8500,8900,9500,9600,9700 series for $6.99 at www.hedonedesign.com