As most of you probably know, pre-orders for Apples upcoming iPhone 4 went on sale yesterday with some major hiccups. Apple’s servers were being hammered by all who tried to purchase one and many saw their orders not being confirmed. Despite all that, the iPhone 4 seems to have already been sold out for launch day deliveries. Amazing.

If you somehow weren’t able to purchase one yesterday, please note that all launch day pre-orders are sold out. The only way you are going to get one launch day now is if you stand in line at an Apple or AT&T store but most likely it will be a line that wraps around the store several times and you’ll most likely not get one.

Take a look at Apple’s order page for the iPhone 4 today and you’ll notice that pre-orders are back up but delivery date for those are now set for July 2nd. If you are in no rush to own an iPhone 4, then I suggest you just pre-order it from the Apple Store as you will be guaranteed a new iPhone 4 at least.

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