So I had recently read a blog post about what is in a woman’s bag can tell you about her as a person. In the post, it was said to equally work for men. So that got me thinking, what do our bags as Team G Style say about us. So I invite you all to check out the contents of our bags and then let us know what you think. That’s right we want you to see read the contents and then comment on what you think this say about each of us. So let’s jump right into it!

First up is our Adele, she is a Editor in our Mobile-Fashion section.
In her Bag:

– HTC EVO (for now)
– Phone charger just in case along with a usb cable
– Headphones for listening to music on my phone
– External Hd or flash drive with every piece of software I would need to rebuild my comp lol.
– Wallet
– Moleskine journal for writing down everything
– Gum or some kind of fruity sour candy
– Lotion

So does the contents of her bag say about her?

Next up is our silent co-owner and Editor in Chief Chuck. Who has a work & casual bag
In His Bag Work:

– Both Phones (Samsung Behold 2, BB 9700)
– Dell Vostro 1400
– Sandisk Sansa MP3 player
– Canon Powershot A560
– Wallet
– Business Cards
– Gum
– 3-4 Napkins

In His Bag Casual:

– Both Phones (Samsung Behold 2, BB 9700)
– Nokia 5530 (moonlighting as an MP3 player)
– Canon Powershot A560
– Wallet
– Business Cards
– Gum
– 2-3 Napkins
– Lexar 4GB Flash Drive

So what does Chuck’s bags say about him?

Now for TJ, our Editor in our Music-Culture section
In her Bag:

– My phone IN leather case (I am a clutz and my whole life happens on my phone)
– Debit card-I don’t carry cash I always lose it.
– Pen-Im always writing stuff down I get great ideas the most random places.
– Pill case-I get killer migraines so pain pills are always needed.
– Altoids-u never know when you’re gonna run into someone and be talking in their face

What does TJ’s bag say about her?

Next is Sam, who is Editor in our Gaming area
In his Bag:

– Zune80
– Zune earbuds
– Couple of thumbdrives
– USB Mediacard reader (thumbdrive sized)
– Lumix digital camera
– Gorilla pod
– Various chargers and cables
– Spare contacts
– Gerber multitool
– Energizer HardCase tactical flashlight
– Office keys

So what does this say about Sam?

Then there is Kyle, our Editor at Large
In his Bag:

– 15.6″ Gateway laptop in plastic bag
– 320GB Passport
– 80GB Classic iPod
– 32GB iPod Touch in Original Box (opened though)
– Extra pair of apple headphones
– Orbit Gum
– Napkins
– House/Car Keys
– 1 pen
– Padlock
– 2 AA and 2 AAA Batteries
– 2 Pre-moistened lens towelettes

Hmm what does this say about Kyle?

Our new addition would be our intern Patrick
In his Bag:

– iPod Touch 2ng Gen 16G
– iPod charger
– Black Berry Pearl Flip (Soon to be Evo. Not sure when I’m getting it…)
– Phone charger
– Asus EEE 1005ha Netbook
– Netbook charger
– Random pieces of paper to write on
– Pen
– Napkins
– Some alcohol wipe pads (You never know when you might need it)

What does this say about Patrick?

And last there is me, Jason Publisher of G Style Magazine
In My Bag:

– 13 inch Macbook Pro
– Macbook Pro Power Adapter
– Western Digital Passport external drive
– Various papers that I collected while moving around (mail, print outs, etc)
– USB cable

Ha what does my bag say about me?

Well there is more of us on the team, but not everyone got back to me in time for this. But there you have it. What does our bags say about us? Stop by and leave a comment and let us know what you think?

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