Elecite is bringing customization to another level with Gizmo. Basically you can make so many changes to your homescreen you may not even have to go to the app screens for anything ever again. On the homescreen you have 5 slots. Within those 5 slots if you press the little arrow next to it, brings up 5 selections of your choosing. This in the end gives you 25 different choices and endless combinations at your leisure.They also get kudos because which ever choice you make there is a little silhouette or picture of the item you chose on the slot. Even more fun you can change the four apps on the right side.

At the top we have the time and battery meters, and your time. It been cool if they gave the time a more high tech look. If you look right under the time there is a tab. Click on that and you have a nice wallpaper of your choice to display on your screen. Not bad, not bad.

With the apps screen its has its little tech look there as like the homescreen. Gizmo is a interesting theme if used right. It can get alittle confusing at times tho if you dont know what your doing. Once you get it down to a science and set it the way you want it your good to go.

Gizmo is available for BlackBerry 8900, 9500, 9600 and 9700 series for $6.99. And you can get it from www.elecite.com