Hip hop means so many different things to so many different people. For me it’s sitting in the staircase of LG and using a tape player to record ourselves rapping our own lyrics OVER the latest hot rappers vocals. Ghetto instrumentals-some of the best hip hop ever. 90% of the album I can rock to without skipping but there are a couple joints that mentally brought me back to the staircase-minus the ghetto instrumentals (in no particular order):

1-Project Boy Remix feat. Joell Ortiz-I hate to admit this song has been on repeat for the last 24 hours on my iPod and Bold 9650. Not much to say except this song bangs like the only way hood music can. Sadly, if this was a borough battle this would be Queens 1 Brooklyn 0.
“You can learn the game watching from a project window/how to add and subtract dough/watch where the rats go…“-that alone is 4 carats you getting for free. Some of these newbies need this given to them on a bumper sticker as part of their Welcome to Hip Hop Orientation class.

2-All In feat. Imam T.H.U.G., Glacierz DaVille, SHO & Fahyed-I wasn’t impressed when I initially heard about the song simply because let’s face it people- Hip hop has become like the fashion industry it’s all about your name and reading the line up of who is on the song I subconsciously wrote it off. Mind you at this stage of listening to the album I am already considering claiming QB as my hometown. (Yes, I am ashamed-but honest). Then Glacierz DaVille rides easy on the track and answers the question “Where Brooklyn At?”. With Glacierz there is some good news and some bad news: Good News-BK has finally shown a face card. A Queen-and she’s no stranger to hip hop and isn’t fighting over or collecting Barbie dolls. She confidently lays her verse, smirks then casually hands the mic over. Bad News-she’s a problem for anyone doomed to spit a verse after her on the same track. Honestly, I wasn’t interested in what anyone else had to say. But, just when I thought the song was slaughtered Caponecomes in and Re-bodies it “First 48 your whole lobby”. *Mortal Kombat theme music plays* …. and scene.

3.Kick It 2 ‘Em Man feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Imam T.H.U.G-There is no one particular thing about this song that I like. I just honestly find myself listening to it repeatedly because the entire song is DOPE. Straight hood, no college boy metaphors, no thesaurus needed-If you ever been to the hood or just a die hard fan of War Report-there is no explanation needed.

4. 1st Degree Murder feat.Glacierz DaVille & Fat Joe– To be brutally honest I have a love/hate relationship with this song. I felt like I was in a cipher on the roof of Any Projects, USA and everyone was geared up in black hoodies and scuffed timbs. Then, Fat Joe comes into the cipher wearing a suit, dress shoes from Fayva and carrying balloons on his way home from a Quinceñera. Don’t misunderstand me I still Lean Back every so often but it interrupts the fresh of the song for me. This really blew me because he contributes on a different track on this album called,It’s Over feat. Armageddon and spits the way you expect Joey Crack to spit and I can rock with that. The fact that his verse was cushioned in between Glacierz and Capone made it even more obvious that of the 4 MC’s on the track one of these things is not like the other-the title is an understatement.

Overall, this was a very expensive yet free appetizer before the main course. I am confident that War Report 2 will be the classic we’ve all been expecting sine 1997. I definitely suggest copping this album and get re-familiar with CNN in preparation for the July 13, 2010 release.