While suffering through some writers block and slight insomnia I decided to Twitter stalk for some inspiration. I came across this completely animated video of the Steph Jones song Galactic 2 from his Gravity Lifetape. This video was made by Golda Smith for a school project and it’s my understanding that it took about 5 months to complete.

I think it was nicely done very artsy. It has a Sims meets Tekken type vibe to it and worked well with the song. I hope Ms. Smith got herself an A for this assignment. I checked out her Online Portfolio she has some interesting concepts and I love her music selections.

I think it’s dope that Steph Jones actually uploaded the video to his official YouTube, Twitter and Website and was honored enough to bring some shine to her work. Fan appreciation at it’s best.

I’m digging the song and the recently updated version of his mixed tape can be downloaded for FREE or for any amount you choose to donate to help support the Steph Jones Movement.

Share your thoughts.