Ok people here at G Style Magazine, we are very much forward thinking, progressive people. Especially when it comes to our tech. Call it the “Techsnob” in us, but we think that with the year being 2010, everyone should have a smartphone. Think about it this way, you seen the movies and TV shows. This is the year 2010, we’re suppose to be in flying cars, teleporting to far off locations, and making food instantly appear out of crumbs (like this). Well ok we don’t have all of that yet, but we can at least all be using smartphones.

Honestly you don’t have an excuse anymore. Yep you remember when the cost of a smartphone was like $299-$599 or more, but if you want to ease your way into the smartphone game, now is the perfect time. Hell you can get a smartphone for the same price you paid for that last flip dumb or feature phone you purchased. So what we will talk about today is the reason why you want/should have a smartphone and even list some cool “starter” smartphones that are quite affordable. So let’s get started…

Why You Want a Smartphone?
First off, why the world not! It’s 2010 people lol, ok all jokes aside, having a smartphones has many good uses. Yes you just want to talk and maybe text, but what about one of these scenarios:

– Your in the middle of somewhere and lost. With a smartphone, just pull up Google Maps. Find yourself and get direction.
-Want to listen to music on the fly, without having to copy it from a computer, check out an smartphone app like Pandora.
-Need to find some information but no where need a computer, just open a browser with your smartphone and search way.
-Just took a bunch of picture and wish you could share them right on the spot. With a smartphone you can use services like Facebook, Flicker, and Twitter on the go.

Ok so those are just reasons why you should have a smartphone, but there are plenty more. Now that we have established that, we need to get you a smartphone. If you don’t want to dive into the deep side of the smartphone pool, there are plenty of 3 feet deep ones to get you started. Some are free like the Palm Pixi on AT&T and others are very inexpensive. So here is a list of phones you should check out.

The Palm Pixi/Plus – WebOS, very nice looking operating system and phone, $49.99 on Sprint, free on AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

The Blackberry Curve 8520/8530 – Blackberry device, email champion, and buddy social media powerhouse. $99.99 on AT&T, $49.99 on Sprint, and $29.99 on Verizon Wireless.

The HTC Hero with Google – Android device, slim, cute, and soon to have the latest Android OS version. $79.99 on Sprint.

The Palm Pre Plus – WebOS, great phone to start off with if you are on Verizon Wireless where you can get it for $49.99

The HTC DROID ERIS – Android device, like the HTC Hero from Sprint but a little different from Verizon Wireless. You can get it for $49.99 with Verizon.

So ready to get into the smartphone pool, check out one of these and start swimming!

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