At WWDC 2010 yesterday Apple released a myriad of information regarding the all new iPhone 4 and then some! First of all the iPad’s iBooks will be getting an upgrade featuring note taking and the ability to read PDF files which is a great addition for all users.

Then comes a Netflix app which will be coming to iPhone this summer for free. You will be able to stream movies straight to your phone but of course you will need a Netflix account first! Next the I’m sure we all have Facebook accounts and have played or seen someone play “Farmville“. G Style’s Sam mentioned on Twitter “I know tons of people who would actually download that Farmville app.” It features push notifications so you will never have to gather withered crops ever again. And last for all you gamers out there Guitar Hero has arrived for iPhone as well for a price of $2.99.

The highlight of the WWDC of course was the announcement of the iPhone 4. It is indeed a fine looking phone! The new design has made it one of the sleekest smartphones in history. Sizing up at 4.8 ounces, 2.31 inches wide, 4.5 inches tall, and an amazingly 0.37 inches thin this is one phone that will fit about anywhere! Compared to its predecessor the iPhone 3GS, it is 24% thinner. Now all you people out there with the 3GS reading this, try to imagine just how thin that would be. You’d be practically holding paper!

Don’t forget that with new products comes new software. There is now Apple’s new iPhone OS, “iOS4“! What’s so great about OS4? Well that would be its ability to let you multitask. Enjoying Pandora radio but suddenly need to check your mail? No problem! iOS4 allows multiple apps running at the same time to make your life simpler. Also now Bing will also be added into the preexisting search engine with Google and Yahoo. There will be iOS4 upgrades for the 3GS, 3G but not all features will be supported in the 3G and iPod Touch. Upgrades for all these products will be free on June 21st.

iBooks is also coming to iPhone and iPod Touch to let you take your reading where ever you go. All purchases will also be synced so if you bought a book and stopped reading at chapter 5 on your iPad. You can pick up your iPhone and continue right where you left off! Even your highlights and notes will be transferred over. Talk about handy!

Not everything is perfect right? Sadly iOS4 will feature iAds. Allowing ads simply let developers release more free apps without financial concern. However not all of this is bad news. These will be interactive ads letting you pick and choose or even view a commercial on the spot. I usually just go for the X button but something about shooting down all the clowns with my water pistols always caught my attention. I wonder if that will one day be on iAds.

Stay tuned for some more iPhone 4 information on G Style!


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