So I was reading an article recently about how Google Latitude has 3 million active users. This was certainly surprising since you don’t here much about Latitude now a days. I know myself personally don’t use it much. Not that it isn’t a cool feature in Google Maps, but just because my friends stopped using it a lot, and it is no fun by yourself. I’m moved to Foursquare for my location kick, my friends don’t use that as heavy as I do, but the game part of it keeps me going.

Thinking of Google Latitude then got me thinking about Google Wave and Buzz as well. With Wave, I remember everyone and their momma was trying to get a invite, myself included. Once I had it, I had to recruit other people to get some use out of it. I used it a little bit and even held a group debate for G Style through it. After that I kind of fizzled out in my use of it. I still think it is good for that, but haven’t needed it in my day to day.

Then there is Google Buzz. I didn’t even have to ask for a invite to that, I just got it. I so far have no use for it at all. First there was no component for Blackberry, and now that there is, I see no point. When I do “buzz” something, unlike Twitter or Facebook, not a lot of people are using it. Because I this, I get some responses or maybe like one. I like that you can integrate Flickr, Twitter, and some other sites into it, but you can’t reply back to those services. If I wanted to use Buzz as my main service, I want to reply back to the service it came from when I do.

What do you think? Do you use or still use Wave, Buzz, or Latitude? If not why? And if you do still use it, what uses have you found for these services?

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