HDD will make your screen blue with envy or literally blue with “Biston”. It presents a royal blue background with a navy blue silhouette which is hiding nine applications of your choosing. I will say the response time for going left to right on the dial is good. I like the displays for the battery/signal icons too. The time has a digitized display which I’m always a fan of. This theme also uses the DFK function again. It makes your blackberry lifestyle so much easier with the keyboard shortcuts. Biston also has a today preview. Also you can customize the fonts in the list.

On the Apps screen nothing too special as far as the looks of the apps goes. Screen is simple as far as placements of the time, date, signal, battery goes.

Its a cool simple theme I give it that, runs perfectly fine on my 9700 without any issues. “Biston” could use a little more color to make it a little more lively. Other then that it looks good.

“Biston” by HedoneDesign is available now for $6.99 for Blackberries running at least OS 4.6+ and you can get it at www.hedonedesign.com/biston