Hello Good Morning – Diddy-Dirty Money featuring T.I. and Rick Ross

I’ve read a lot of comments and even spoken to friends that seem to have forgotten Diddy was doing this before your favorite rapper became your favorite rapper. The helicopter over the city, the whip…. the overall vibe of the video is classic Diddy and the funny thing about classics is they never seem to go out of style. I think what really made it hot to me is that’s really how he lives. So it came off to me like there was no treatment or direction he just made a video tailored to the soundtrack of his life. I do agree that Diddy is not a rapper but he does a mean swerve on the track. I will say that Dawn Richards-formerly Danity Kane-got a major upgrade. It’s like after her group fell apart she put on her Get Em Girl glass stilettos clicked the heels three times and kept it moving.

I also agree that they are reminiscent of former Bad Boy group Total-but isn’t Total one of the illest girl groups of all time? They were everything Bad Boy was about except they were women. Nice to see Puff Daddy has returned to the game and this time he is packing Diddy’s wallet. I’m not sure I’m feeling the renaming of the group to Diddy-Dirty Money. I was feeling the three of them as Dirty Money

Basically, I got off the Last Train to Paris early this year but after seeing this video I decided to hop back on and ride it to June 29, 2010. I’m hyped about the project again and have no complaints about what I’ve heard so far.