Hello everyone, Mr. G Style here! The weather is looking good for this Saturday, so I think I’ll walk around and give out some free stuff. I’m still a little shocked that no one wanted to check out Iron Man 2 in IMAX for free last weekend, but I won’t let it get me down. So who wants to win some free stuff this weekend?

Well this week, I think I’ll just go for it and give out the Astro Gaming A30 headphones! Yup the same headphones I’ll be wearing so you can spot me, I will be giving away to one lucky winner. Also I’ll have some stuff from Case Mate, Blackberry themes from Elecite.com, and Some MusicSkins. So if you spot me this weekend, there is a high chance you will win something! Anyone trying to win those headphones? I know already that @thisispat from Twitter may be interested, how about the rest of you? If you win this prize, you’ll be getting a pair of the A30 headphones and custom G Style speaker tags. Ok so how to find me this weekend?

First be sure to follow G Style Magazine on Twitter, for hints on where I am or going next. Our page is @gstylemagazine

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Next be sure to follow G Style Magazine on Foursquare, so you can see exactly where I’m at while I hop around. Our page is @G Style M

Good luck everyone! The games starts at 12:00pm EST