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Wale feat Marsha Ambrosius – Diary [Video]

First off let me say I am a Brooklyn girl through and through so moving recently to the DMV area was a culture shock. I’m used to music-no specific genre-just true art, clubs closing @ 4am and people don’t stand on the wall we DANCE. I say all that to say DMV has what I call a culture called Go-Go music.

I call it Pots N’ Pan music. You ever let your kid sit on the kitchen floor with a wooden spoon and bang on pans to occupy them self while you’re busy? Exactly, annoying. On the subject of Go-Go the name Wale is huge here and has been since before he was on MTV’s radar. People always referred to him as a Go Go artists so since me and Go-Go don’t mesh and that seems to be the only way to get a party jumping in this town, Wale wasn’t someone I wanted in my iPod or any playlist I had for that matter.

Long story short a friend of mine was playing a go go song that I actually was feeling and I was immediately drawn to his flow-suffice to say it was Wale. Fast forward 3+ years later and to get to my real point-Wale is definitely a book I prejudged by it’s cover. This song is off his debut album Attention Deficit -released in 2009- is so on point and I dig how he told the black girl lost type story with a more relative spin. Ladies…..we should really look in the mirror play this song and marinate on the lyrics. I promise you it might save you some future relationship drama and possible visits to the shrink I also dug how Marsha Ambrosius didn’t overshadow the song vocally she blends in just right-I think I will actually cop his album this weekend.

Side note: I would have loved to see Marsha in the video.

TJ Jordanhttp://www.about.me/tejor
Apple product enthusiast, dance mom, Spoonie, lover of all things Marvel ;). If there's a gadget that's chic and geek, TJ is all about it!


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