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Rasheeda – Bedrock Remix-Feat Toya,Diamond,Lola Monroe and Kandi- [Video]

I am ashamed to even call myself a Rasheeda fan- I have clearly been behind the times with this one. Her mixed tape Boss B***h Music has been available since March 2010. This is the second single I have found myself jamming too. I love how she puts the female spin on most of the latest hot male tracks.

She always keeps it gangsta yet sexy. I was surprised I didn’t see Nivea in this track but I wasn’t mad at her sorority of co stars. She has Kandi Buruss (Xscape), Toya Carter, Diamond and Lola Monroe. I think all the ladies played their parts well and meshed very well together. They each have their own vert distinct style but it is clear this is Rasheeda’s song.

To be perfectly honest I avoided any Lola Monroe song like the plaque, but after hearing her voice I will definitely add her on my list of people to watch she could very well be an asset to the industry. I also immediately headed to Datpiff.com and downloaded the Boss B***C Music Mixed Tape…..I suggest you so the same and tell us what you think….

P.S. I must tip my hate to the sisterhood of ATL artists if the NY chics could do the same and truly represent I think the women could truly take the game over…Imjusayin :)

Checkout the video and mixetape and tell us what you think.

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