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Blaqstarr – OH MY DARLING (Video)

Being a native New Yorker, Baltimore has never been on my radar as far as being a force to be reckoned with on the music scene. My experience has always been strictly house music in the Murdaland clubs. I got my first taste of true Bmore musical talent in ’99 and it has always boggled my mind how artists from this area have been slept on for so long.

Blaqstarr is one of those gems. He is a quadruple threat known for his work with artists as huge as M.I.A and as small as the neighborhood locals. He is a rapper, singer, producer, and DJ and I personally feels he excels at all four. I always found his music to be art so I found this video to be very fitting to his overall approach to music. He is different and very out the box but the passion for what he does can be felt in every track I’ve ever heard from him.

This is definitely a name you should get familiar with and if you are not familiar with any of his previous works check out some of his previous works streamed on MYSPACE his page and play catch up I promise you it’s worth it.

His also has a couple EP’s available for purchase on itunes. Check out the video and some of his previous works and give us your thoughts.

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