So the iPad is the hot ticket item right now, and while I can’t justify buying one right now, I can’t deny that it does look good. But fellas, how are you carrying around your iPad now that you have it? Do you use a sleeve, a carrying case or bag? As I recently learned over at Laptop Magazine, guys you need to be very careful with the bag you choose to hold that iPad. Without knowing it you could be pulling a Jerry Seinfeld or an Alan Garner and not even realize it.

If you want to know what I mean, take a hop over to the recent “G Styled” article we have on Laptop Magazine. After you read that one, hop over to this one and place your votes.

[Image via Laptop Magazine]

P.S. And yes that is me, they (Laptop Magazine) made me wear a bunch of man iPad bags for their public humiliation photoshoot for the article lol.

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