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N.E.R.D feat Nelly Furtado-Hot-N-Fun

“It’s a new day people don’t want to think no more, they just want to feel-they wanna let go” Truer words have never been spoken. This used to be my motto in so many words when I was younger and had no problems. I love N.E.R.D as a whole their whole swagger is sexy to me.

The video was a simple taping of a show they did at Temple University and my only complaint is I really wanted to see Nelly Furtado. I must say I’m loving the direction music seems to be going in. I truly love this song it’s immediately being added to my personal iPod.

Anyone else besides me digging this song?

TJ Jordanhttp://www.about.me/tejor
Apple product enthusiast, dance mom, Spoonie, lover of all things Marvel ;). If there's a gadget that's chic and geek, TJ is all about it!


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