Ok here is a interesting revelation I have had recently. Has video gaming become something you do completely by yourself now a days. It seems as if you want to play with others, you do so alone in your house, while your friends are in other locations playing with you as they are alone in their house as well. I remember a time when playing with other people meant you and 2-3 of your friends all in one room, 4 controllers, split screens, going at it. When did this stop?

I know with the Nintendo Wii you can have up to 4 players at a time enjoying the game and many of the Wii games allow for more than one player. However when I took a trip down the Sony PS3 aisle, this wasn’t the case. I think I only found like 3-5 games where you could have more than one players on that one system. The rest of the game was one players only, if it did allow multiplayer it was online only. What is up with that? Now I know playing online is the big thing now and that is great if your friends are really far away and can’t get to your house easy, but what if you want to play with someone in the same house?

This is the position I find myself in. You see the misses brought the PS3 for our anniversary and she actually wouldn’t mind playing some games with me. The problem, every game I brought so far only allows multiplayer in online mode. I tried looking for some games we could play together, and besides some sports games I couldn’t find anything. So now I’m curious, is the Nintendo Wii the only gaming console left that lets you play together in the same house? How it is with the Xbox 360, any owners of that console out there? How is the multiplayer options for the 360? Online only, or can you find enough games to actually play with someone else in your home? Let me know

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