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Usher featuring Will.i.am – OMG

OK, after the release of his last video Lil Freak I was hopeful that after the misdirection of his Here I Stand album- Usher was back on his game. After looking at this video I’m not so sure.

I was a little disappointed because I consider Will.i.am and Usher to both be trendsetters-However, the track was too similar to Snoop Dogg’s Sexual Seduction and the video was too much like everyone since Usher’s Yeah video. I felt like I was watching a MTV Awards Show dedication to pop music performance while listening to an instrumental.

I seriously hope going forward he can pick up from where Lil Freak left off. I’d actually prefer him to pick up where Confessions left off. At this rate if I threw all the R&B and Pop males that dance in a bag Usher would be my last pick. Whoever in his camp told him this song was album worthy and actually worth shooting a video for-should be fired IMMEDIATELY !

The flip side to this is if Will would have kept the track and used this as a Black Eyed Peas song-I’m sure they would have had an epic outcome. The song, the video and everything about this had potential-it just never lives up to it.

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