“Why Did I Get Married Too?” came out this past weekend. In this one which takes place three years later, our four couples meet up in the Bahamas for their week long reunion. On the very first day there, the gathering is disrupted when Mike (Richard T. Jones), ex-husband of Sheila (Jill Scott) shows up uninvited. This makes Sheila’s new husband, Troy (Lamman Rucker) very uncomfortable. As far as the rest of the couples, Terry and Dianne (Tyler Perry and Sharon Leal) seem like they are finally very happy in their relationship, but is one of them hiding a secret? Patricia (Janet Jackson), the self help psychologist and her husband, Gavin (Malik Yoba) still seem to be the picture perfect couple on the outside, but are they still going through their emotional drama over the lost of their only child? Then there’s Angela (Tasha Smith) and her husband Marcus (Michael Jai White), who she really doesn’t trust now that he has a sports caster job that has made him become a celebrity. With all of them having problems once again in their relationships, will they be able to overcome these obstacles as they did in the past, or will some of them not make it this time around?

Now I’m not really a fan of Tyler Perry’s movies, but when he does make one that I happen to see and enjoy, I give him credit where credit is due. I felt the first movie, “Why Did I Get Married” was an exceptional movie that had drama, sadness, and humor all rolled up in a great story. I have watched that movie several times now, and it always gets me laughing. So I was kind of looking forward to seeing where he was going to take these couples in this sequel. I have to say that the movie started off great, It was funny, and kept me entertained all through the Bahamas scenes. Then when the couples all got back to their lives and he started to focus on them individually, it took a turn for the worst. There were so many things that just weren’t believable in real life relationship drama. I don’t want to give anything away, but let me just say that the way these relationships unfolded was just plain unbelievable. One of my biggest problems with this movie was Janet Jackson’s character. She did something really uncalled for against her husband and was basically rewarded at the end of the movie, in my opinion. Now remember that it was because of her in the first movie, that her child had died. Also when Mike showed up at the reunion, Troy just brushed it off like it was nothing. I’m a man, and I can tell you there would have been problems in the real world, especially the way that Mike acts, as seen in the first movie. There were some other scenes that just didn’t fit reality, but I’m going to get off that subject right now.

Another thing that I felt was unnecessary was the cameo of Louis Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson. Yeah we know you can pull strings for big actors in your movies Tyler, but as least give them roles worth their greatness. I felt their addition to the movie was for nothing, and a complete waste of their talents. There is another cameo, but I’m going to save that surprise, it’s just too good to give away. Last but not least, there is a scene involving Janet and the rest of the characters, were she makes a statement and then suddenly all is right in the world. Come on Tyler, we’re adults, things like that don’t happen in real life. That scene was just too phony. To me the glue that kept this movie together was Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White. They were hilarious from beginning to end. These two need a spin off movie of just them. They kept the movie funny, just as they did in the first one. Tasha Smith has some of the funniest lines in the whole movie, she really shined in this one. I give this movie 2 couples out of 4. The first half of it was very good, but then it took a wrong turn and got completely bad from there. The movie runs 2hrs and 1min. It is rated PG-13 for material including sexuality, language, drug references and some domestic violence. It was written and directed by Tyler Perry. It was produced by The Tyler Perry Company. It was distributed by Lionsgate.

It takes work to keep a relationship flowing, have you done your part? Ezo
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