Faon is brought to you by Hedone Designs looks good as it has 4 standard spots for Messages, Calendar, Phone, & Browser. Also a “dial” that sports 6 custom slots of your choosing. I think it runs smoothly but I hate to say I think I may like it more if I had a scroll ball. The scroll pad is good too but I feel like if I swipe a little too much I’ll bypass which app I’m trying to use. Or even trying to get on the dial itself. Probably just because my scroll pad was too sensitive. On the left/right sides of the dial you have the Battery/Signal meters. I think all in all the homescreen looks good though. The Bottom has your standard notifications,time, and today preview for your next date on your calendar/messages.

The Apps screen is cool. The Battery/Signal meters show actual numbers this time. The first app icons are pretty simple, nothing crazy. But for this theme it looks perfectly fine.

Faon is a cool theme and if your looking for something simple with a touch of style you should like this theme. I have been using it for a few days and no problem whatsoever. The Faon theme is available now for thev8900, 9000, 9500, 9600 and 9700 and cost $6.99. If you act now, you can get it for 10% off coupon till tomorrow using the coupon code “FAON10