Looking to give you everything on your homescreen from weather slots to today screens to blocks “Ember” has it. It’s a interesting theme as it seems to have you not go to the app screen what so ever. There is customizable slots for your choosing. You can have spots on the top and bottom. The right side could be used for a dedicated weather slot as what I’m currently using it for. The “block” slots look good and don’t seem too tight or eyesore. Depending on which blackberry model your using the blocks can vary from 9-11 and the custom spots can be from 6-7. Signal/Battery uses “dials” to let you know how your BB is moving along.

Icons aren’t anything we haven’t seen before. It does look clean and sharp I give it that. But that’s about it. I’d like to see what the visuals incorporated in the “blocks” here in some of the icons but i guess that’s not a big as deal as I’m making it.

Theme is cool. I been using it a couple days now. It has a dark feel to it. Whether your on the BBM or checking your messages. It runs smoothly. I haven’t had any slowdown or lag since using it which is good. No custom wallpaper but then again you wouldn’t really be able to see it anyway, lol.

Ember is available now for the 8900, 9500, 9600 & 9700 for $6.99. You can pick it up from www.elecite.com