Nivea – Love Hurts

I was really feeling this song….then I saw the video. I think the idea was sick. I liked the fact that we know they had a relationship..a baby; etc. We already assumed the song was about him so knowing he would be in the video you would expect it to be hot, right ? Maybe it was the London fog trench with the fur hood she was wearing. Then you cut to her draped out in rhinestones on a nude color outfit with gems pasted to her eyebrows-this wasn’t a good look.

I liked the direction she was trying to go and I still really like the song. I just feel like you actually have your ex in the video and she just failed to take me where I wanted her to go. Kudos for Wayne being a good sport and even being in the video despite not having a verse to spit. I know I shouldn’t be thinking this way but… She has 4 kids right both baby fathers are paid so I am sure she not hungry-I don’t get why the video was so low budget ? On a side note, I do think she is underrated overall as far as her talent goes.

This is just my opinion folks. Let me know what y’all think.