We was going to wait till tomorrow for this as our embargo was till then, but we love these headphones and couldn’t wait anymore. Plus we noticed that the product is unveiled on their site over at www.astrogaming.com, so technically it is now in the public space anyway lol. It is funny that this headphones are now my main method of listening to music, when before I had never even heard of the A40s or Astro Gaming before. You see I’m not that much of a gamer, and that fact is good as the A30s aren’t for the hardcore gamer, thought they can definitely rock them!

I was invited over to the W hotel to check out the Astro Gaming A30 gaming headphones a couple weeks ago and had to sit quiet till now, which was very hard to do. After using them for awhile, it went from “they’re cool”, to “I love these things”, to now “Oh these are the only headphones I use for everything” lol. We got a full review coming from Sam on that and a video, but for now check out the Unboxing shots. The A30s go for $149.95 by themselves and $229.95 with the Mixamp. Check out the gallery here

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