I listened to Diggy’s single Point to Prove when it dropped late last year and I was impressed but really wasn’t interested beyond that. I figured ok another celebrity kid getting some shine off his lineage *yawn*. I admit the song was tight but copped it to being a fluke. I mean when Rev Run is your father you’re bound to have some type of flow, right? After peeping this video I immediately ate my words AND went and downloaded his mixed tape First Flight which I am sure I will be reviewing within the next few days. I have to say this kid is nice. Lyrically he can be put up against about 90% of what I hear on the radio daily and eat them alive. Even the quality of the video is tight.

Speaking as a mom… music is so much a part of my life but I get frustrated that I can’t review some albums with my son around or put certain songs on his iPod. The fact that I can intro him into hip hop with someone like Diggy. A person he is already familiar with and admires makes me feel the next generation won’t be void of real hip hop.
I know this is only a snippet of a freestyle but don’t sleep on him like I did. The kid is definitely gonna be a problem!