These guys are always hard at work putting such details into their themes and it shows in “Explicit”. From the backgrounds to the lighting to the “dial” as I like to call it. Everything looks crisp & clean here. If you look at the background you can see the little details to make it look like leather.

So we start from the homescreen and we have this nice “dial” that you can rotate around by pressing up/down. Their are 10 customizable icons of your choosing you can add. The 3rd apps don’t look too bad in the rotation either. As you go into the next blue circle you have the battery meter, and the outer ring is your signal meter. Look to the top to your right you will see a “A” tab that indicates there is a alarm, and “B” that indicates your blackberry is plugged in and charging.

Apps screen is simple as it doesn’t have any signal/battery meters on it and just the date and the carrier at the top and also time. Once again looks clean but you may or may not want to go back/forth to check your signals/battery. Not a big deal. Apps/Icons look are cool. Nothing crazy detailed or anything.

Overall I think its a very “clean” theme as the “dial” as i like to call it stands out by itself w/ the quiet background. You have everything in that “circle”, the time, apps, signal/battery. Runs smooth, no slowdown. What else do you need? lol.

“Explicit” from HedoneDesigns is available now for all Blackberry devices for $6.99. Also get 20% off this theme until March 10th with this special coupon code! EXPLICIT20, you can check out more information for this theme at