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Did You See Last Week?: Caprica – Reins of a Waterfall

The Graystones face the wrath of angered Capricans after learning Zoe may have been involved in the train bombing. Meanwhile, Joseph wants to visit his daughter’s avatar in the holoband world again, and both Joseph and his brother Sam pay Daniel a visit. Daniel also realizes he can’t deal with his grief in private. Sister Clarice continues to befriend Lacy by volunteering to be Lacy’s confessor, stating she was Zoe’s confessor who shared everything with each other. Sister Clarice visits a mysterious contact in the holoband world. Zoe’s avatar and Lacy are able to meet with each other in the holoband world V Club after the avatar discovers a room that Daniel created, finding the Tamara Adama avatar and enabeling her to wander off on her own. Joseph and Daniel also return to the holoband world only to find his daughter missing from the room; they assume that her avatar was erased, leading Joseph to make a personal request from his brother. Young William Adama is spending more time with his uncle Sam, and is discovering more about his uncle’s day to day events.



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