Something new being brought to the table by the Elecite team. I will start off by saying it has a refreshing look to it. Its called “Plasma”. There is a lot going on just navigating on your home screen so make sure to pay close attention lol.

First off you have a cool animated background that keeps going no matter what your doing (you have the option to turn it off too). On the left you have a dedicated button on the bottom for lets say your weather. The right button brings up a custom wallpaper if you have one available. And the good ol’ middle button brings up your 11-12 icons that you have selected at your leisure. When you want to minimize the icons again just scroll down and press the button. Navigating through all this may take some getting used to, I’m still trying to adjust to it, maybe I’m just slow, haha.

“And award for coolest icons goes to….”. These are some interesting icons here as each one is zoomed in of what the application actually does. I haven’t seen anyone do this yet and have to say Elecite your 1st with this and get the “thumbs up” from me. Now if it was in real time i’d been most def blown away. But i can imagine that would make your BB do back flips.

Interesting theme no doubt, i think it looks better on the Storm from seeing couple videos. But its nice also on the non touchscreen Berries. Once again i get confused with the various homescreen buttons but i can imagine others have not.

Plasma by Elecite is available now for the Storm Series, Bold2, Curve 8900, and Tour running OS 5.0+ for $6.99. You can pick this up from