G Style Magazine Best in Show @ CES 2010: Case Mate – IMakeMyCase.com

Case Mate did it up this year at CES 2010. They had some great products on hand at their booth. First up, we love the IMakeMyCase.com product! Case Mate teamed up with a bunch of artists to make some new cases as well as allowing you to remix their designs to make your own case!

Case Mate teamed up with artist such as Chuck Anderson (the artist behind the Windows 7 wallpapers), Shadow Chen, Ray Frenden, and more. Check out their blog about it here. This is a great concept. They have released a personalization tool at www.imakemycase.com, where you can make your own cases.

You have 2 options with this product. For $34.99 you can purchase a pre made case by one of the artists that Case Mate has teamed up with or for $39.99, you can make your own concept case using some of the design elements from these artists. Check out the demo of this tool below from CES. For more information check out www.case-mate.com