One of the first products we checked out was the BackFlip from Motorola. I wouldn’t actual go as far as to say that this device was gorgeous, but it did strangely caught my eye. The BackFlip is a Android device with Motorola’s BLUR on top of it. Similar to the the recently released Motorola CLIQ which also run Android. The BackFlip has a high res 3.1′ HVGA screen, a full HTML browers, 3G, and WiFi access. It also has a 5MP camera, GPS, and Bluetooth.

What is interesting about this phone is the reversed keyboard it has. When it is in a closed stated, the keyboard is exposed on it’s backside, though the keyboard is not active. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but over the phone looks decent. It has the back hinge have a couple of cool uses, like you can flip it and position it on a nightstand, thus getting rid of your regular, boring night clock and now use the BackFlip. It also comes in handy for viewing videos or watching a movie.

There wasn’t any release date or price given. As for best bet on what carrier, I would say maybe AT&T. So keep an eye for this phone. Check out some more in our Gallery

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