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HedoneDesigns’ 2010 1st Promo Special!

So New Year’s comes around and HD brings something cool to its customers new and old. They are giving two of their hottest selling themes GreenTech and Win7Like for $1.99 instead of $6.99/$7.99. Both utilize OS 5.0 and they are pretty cool. You can check some reviews on them when they released. Also HD is giving some Wallpapers for $.99 instead of $1.99. These special New Year’s prices are good until Jan.13th.

WPBJ0110 For all new Wallpapers. Instead of $ 1.99 will now pay only $ 0.99
HDGT0110 For GreenTech theme. Instead of $ 7.99 will now pay only $ 1.99
HDW7L0110 For Win7Like theme. Instead of $ 6.99 will now pay only $ 1.99

GreenTech is available for the Bold Series, Tour, Storm Series, and Curve 8900.
Win7Like is available for all Blackberries.
Make sure you get them before there gone!

Jason Millionhttp://www.jmillionnyc.com
Jason Million is Deputy Editor In Chief. Jason currently uses a OnePlus 8 Pro with T-Mobile among other gadgets. Hailing from the streets of NYC, always trying to have a blast or catch a bite to eat. Enjoying technology to the fullest. Any other questions hit him up.


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