Makes me feel like I’m on my actual PC running Windows 7 right now. It has the look. I’d like to think the detail is pretty sharp too. Win7Like has 8 customizable slots (3 to the left, 5 to the bottom). Its pretty cool for wallpapers too since there is a nice big opening as you can tell from the pic above. What is cool about this theme is depending on your style of wallpaper it can look like your icons are just floating there and there isn’t any dividers what so ever. There is also a Manage Connections and Options button at top.

Win7Like is similar to Se7en (earlier HD theme) but its been touched up to look better and run the newer OSs and Blackberries. I like Windows 7 so I most def like this theme. Its pretty simple in its aspect. So if your a Windows 7 lover or even if your not i’d say check this out. But in the next revision if they make one i’d just want to see them bring a little bit more to the table.

Win7Like is available now for all Blackberries for $6.99 at