Hey everyone it is time to do it again! Last year we released our first G Style Magazine styled Blackberry theme called Generation One. It was created by the team over at Elecite/eVeek and it was hot. If you had a 8300, 8100, 8700, or 8800 Blackberry you wanted this theme on your BB. Now this year we wanted to do it again but we gave some much stuff away during our B-Day month that we didn’t get around to it. But as we move into the year 2010, now it is time to release it! A sneak peek of it is to the left.

As we cross the bridge from 2009 to 2010, we will release our latest Blackberry theme G Style City. So this year we will be releasing it right on New Years Eve. I don’t think we’ll wait till exactly midnight, but maybe around 11pm ish we’ll drop it. Either way, it will be located on our mobile site which you can get to by going to http://m.gstylemag.com So be sure to check it out on NYE. One thing to note is that this new theme will be available for the 9700, 9000, 8900, 8500, Tour, and Storms only. Sorry this new theme is a celebration of the latest generation of Blackberry models so it will only be available for those. If you have the 8300, 8100, 8700, or 8800 models you can still download the Generation One theme as that is still available for download. Below is a image of the Generation One theme. This can also be picked up from http://m.gstylemag.com as well.