The Palm Pre is a great choice for a lot of people on your holiday shopping list.  It combines a lot of the great features found on the Blackberry OS, Android and the IPhone.  It offers a beautiful touchscreen and full webkit based browser, push email, excellent messaging capabilities, and notifications that set it apart from the rest of the competition.  Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who wants a cool phone with apps and social media capabilities, or someone who needs access to business email and calendars, or someone looking to get a unique phone that’s very different with a physical keyboard then the Palm Pre is the best option.

Price: $150 after MIR
Carrier: Sprint
3G: Yes
OS:WebOS 1.3.1
Input: Front Facing Full Qwerty Sliding Keyboard, Touch Screen
Screen Resolution: 3.1 Inch Multitouch Screen, 320×480 Resolution
Web Browsing: Yes, Full HTML web browsing
Camera: 3 MegaPixels with led flash and extended depth of field
Wireless Capabilities: Wifi and Bluetooth
Application Store: Yes
Media: Music and Video Player
Expandable: No
Memory: 8GB on board memory, about 7GB available to the user

Special Features: Revolutionary WebOS device offers unique features like gestures, a top notch notification system, synergy, layered calendars, universal search, combined IM, and multitasking using the card metaphor.

Negatives: No expandable memory, can be a bit sluggish, hardware is not as solid as some other flagship phones, no video recording out of the box and battery life is a little weak.


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