Capture on 12-13-2009 13-51-40 (Custom) Who knew something so simple could be so good? And who knew you could touch something up so slightly and make it so much better? That is how I feel about “Classique Docked” by Shankeith off of the forums.

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If you seen a few weeks ago I reviewed his first version called Classique “Lite” and I thought that was good. Well with Docked as it states in the name, you have a nice hidden dock at the bottom with six customizable icons, the usual one dedicated icon always in plain view and also a “Profile” and “Manage Connections” tabs at the top. Its good because if your not looking for them you wouldn’t notice they are there. I guess I enjoy this theme so much as it runs really good on your blackberry without slowdown and as stated in my previous review it gives your wallpaper time to shine. The cool transitions screen which I have grown accustomed too when you shift from screen to screen are once again included. Also has a hidden today feature for your calendar/messages which is a nice touch.

Capture on 12-02-2009 17-24-50 (Custom)Icons

If you want something simple with a touch of flash, i think this will be a good choice for you to have. I guarantee it will be in your top fave list of blackberry themes as it is for me

Right now “Classique Docked” is available for the Bold Series, The Tour Series, and the Curve 8900 for $2.00 til December 31th aka New Year Eve.

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