Homescreen The guys at Cocky Culture make your Blackberry feel like its a Business Executive or if its one of the top “Elite”. Basically Leathberry Elite is a revision of their previous Leatherberry Executive theme. You have the bottom dock which houses six slots now instead of five. They included a nice indicator arrow that goes points out each icon compared to just a indicator just covering it.

Homescreen Hidden

When you scroll up it disappears and you get three tabs for Messages, Calendar, and Missed Calls. Scroll right back down and you wont even know it was there. Going back and forth is a snap. The big thing about this theme is the fact that has this sophisticated look to it. Looks like its ready for the party but also for the big business meeting lol.


Icons are pretty much the same from Executive but the background behind them have the “look of leather” behind them compared to just black. LeatherBerry Elite is available now for the Bold Series, Curve 8520, 8350i, 8900, the Storm Series, and Tour for $5.95. you can pick it up from