Homescreen Left Side If its not broke don’t fix it right? That’s the approach Cockyculture took with “PrimeBlack”. They splashed a nice coat of Black paint on their previous theme called “Prime” that we covered a few months ago and now you have this right here.

Homescreen Right Side

I just got a Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Elite and I can tell you that extra splash of color doesn’t hurt what so ever. PrimeBlack still retains the same features as previously covered with the two hidden docks, one to the left with your stationary stuff and right with your customizable slots.

Icon Screen

Once again the icons also still look the same as before. I think this theme is great for showcasing backgrounds whether on the homescreen or even the icon screen as the icons are so subtle they give your wallpaper the chance to stand out more.


Once again nothing too here but a splash of color in my opinion but a lot of people like black more then they do other colors I see myself using this more then the original “Prime” already.

PrimeBlack is available now for the Blackberry Storm, Storm2, Bold, Bold 2, Curve 8900, and the Tour for $3.95. And you can get it from