droid I’m sure by now you’ve seen all the cryptic Verizon commercials with the mysterious red light and a robotic sounding voice boasting all the things that “Droid Does.” So I’m sure you want to know whether there is there anything that this Droid can’t do for a special person on your holiday shopping list? For the most part we think the answer is no. The Motorola Droid packs a lot of functionality into a sleek device. You not only get a physical keyboard but you have a number of other different input methods. The phone is also nicely priced and offers the newest version of the Android OS with Google Navigation, a big plus.  This phone is fully loaded and would make a perfect gift for the geek, the app lover, and the texter you care about most this holiday season.

Price: $200 with new activation or renewal
Carrier: Verizon
3G: Yes
OS: Android 2.0
Input: Touch Screen, Full Horizontal Slider Qwerty Keyboard, D-pad, Touch Sensitive Buttons, Virtual Keyboard
Screen Resolution: 3.7 Inch Capacitive Screen, 480×854 (WVGA) Resolution
Web Browsing: Yes, Full HTML web browsing
Camera: 5.0 MegaPixels with Autofocus and Dual LED flash
Wireless Capabilities: Wifi and Bluetooth
Application Store: Yes
Media: Amazon MP3 Store, Media Player, Video Recording
Expandable: Yes up 32 GB
Memory: 256 MB RAM/512 MB ROM/ 256 MB User Storage

Special Features: This phone is the first to officially offer Android 2.0 as well as Google Navigation which gives you turn by turn driving directions.

Negatives: Can’t use pinch and zoom in the browser you have to double tap to zoom in and out. Camera is sluggish. Keys on the physical keyboard are not as raised and defined so it’s a little harder to type on. With a horizontal keyboard one handed use is quite difficult unless you use the virtual keyboard.


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