Classique “Lite” Theme by shankeith of forums

homescreen So I’m always browsing the forums and get themes off there. Well I got my 9700 and it was the first theme I downloaded for it, not yet realizing my 8900 themes worked too. Anyway it I found myself using this theme more then others. Its just SO SIMPLE. One customizable icon, Time, Notifications, all in one space. Great for displaying your wallpapers (as you can see with my Wolverine here) and I loved the transitions. First theme I started using with it. Nothing crazy, nothing popping out at you. just smooth operating.


Like stated before there isn’t anything spectacular it just does what you want to do right. Speaking to the creator there will be a “Premium” version soon with added features. Cant wait to see how that goes. Best thing about this theme is ITS FREE!! And its available for your Blackberry Bold, Bold 2, Tour, and Curve 8900 at the links provided below after the Youtube video.

Bold 2 aka 9700
OTA Link:
Bold2 Classique Lite

Bold 9000
Bold Classique

Tour Classique

Curve 8900
Curve8900 Class

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