Home Open First off the open and close animation on this theme is impressive. It opens and closes without problem and its pretty speedy. When I first started this theme up I was like this is ok. But the more I messed with it and did some customizations, the more I enjoyed it. It houses 6 customizable icons that look to sit on rows or shelves. So you can put your superior apps up high if you like.

Home Closed

Scroll to the middle and click on the up arrow and “voila!” its all closed. Design looks clean on my 9700. Also battery/Signal Meters look futuristic and don’t stand out at all. That’s good or bad depending on you.


Once again you have that “row” or “shelf” look here on the icon screen. Looks pretty good.

Msg This theme isn’t bad, not one of my faves but its cool. I do like the open/close feature on the homescreen but I doubt I’d ever use it except for “show off my blackberry” purposes.

“Sentient” is available now for the Bold Series, Storm Series, Tour and Curve 8900 running OS 4.6+ for $6.99. And you can pick it up at www.elecite.com