Homescreen From first glance, I seen this theme and was like “oh boy a lets GO GREEN!” theme” lol. But when I actually loaded it up on my 9700 I was pretty impressed with it. It features 6 customizable slots on the front and it has cool looking click-able battery/signal meters. Also click-able is the date. The coolest thing about this theme to me thus far is the “transitions” you make going from screen to screen. They go from screen to screen either up or down. This theme was also built using the new Theme Builder 5.0.

Everything looks crystal clear on here right down to the icons. They all have this gray/green look to them. I think they all individually look pretty good and looks like their was a decent amount of work put in. I like the font used on this theme too. You notice it in your emails and text messaging.


Overall once again everything is detailed great and isn’t bad on the eyes at all if anything will help you see things better. Runs pretty smooth and haven’t had any lag from it thus far. HDD did a good job introducing their first theme created by Theme Builder 5.0 and cant wait to see what else they have in store for us.

‘GreenTech’ is available now for The Bold Series, Storm Series, Curve 8900, and Tour running OS 4.6-5.0+. You can pick it up from Price: 7.99$ (3.99$ till 23th November 2009)