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Stasis Theme by Elecite.com

Homescreen Open When I first messed around with this theme I realized there is a lot going on here. It looks pretty cool and makes gives your blackberry this futuristic look. As the screen shown above in its open state, it houses 6 customizable icons, time above that, and some notifications under. Left and right sides show signal/battery.

Homescreen Open 2

Scroll over to the left knob and you get a animation with the lights turning and the window changing giving you Options, Profiles, Clock, Manage Connections, and Tasks. Not a bad mix there if you utilize them. Going back and forth through the animations doesn’t get old either lol. All you do is scroll to the right to the right knob and your back at square one.

Homescreen Close

When its closed it looks slick but it doesn’t do anything for me. It basically leaves nothing on your screen you can use which is a turn off to me and doesn’t give me any reason to ever close but for “show off” purposes.


There isn’t anything new from these icons you haven’t seen before. I do like the highlighter as its bright and stands out. I also like the red “hazard” notification markers. Meters at the top and time have nice look and color to them. Cant knock the icon screen, one of the best looking ones I seen. The light dots of light are a nice touch.

Messages All in all its a impressive looking theme. Its a little “all over the place” for me at times. Others should enjoy it tho. It runs smooth on my Blackberry Bold 9700. Yes, if you have a 9700, 8900/Tour themes will run on it. enjoy!

Stasis is available now at www.elecite.com for $6.99 for the Tour, Bold, Curve 8900, Storm, 8350i, and Bold 2.

Jason Millionhttp://www.jmillionnyc.com
Jason Million is Deputy Editor In Chief. Jason currently uses a OnePlus 8 Pro with T-Mobile among other gadgets. Hailing from the streets of NYC, always trying to have a blast or catch a bite to eat. Enjoying technology to the fullest. Any other questions hit him up.


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